Our Company’s Vision

To be the premier provider of insurance and risk management solutions, to ensure the protection of the physical and financial assets of businesses, government contractors, healthcare professionals and individuals.

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Our Mission

Through the use of innovative programs, products and services we will listen to our client’s needs and create the ideal insurance and risk management solution for those needs. We will act with the highest integrity and trust to utilize our years of experience for the benefit of those we serve.



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Federal Government Contractors

Federal Government Contractors (FGCs) present a unique set of exposures that require an experienced eye to analyze. Cookie cutter policies usually fail to cover the most basic FGC perils or exclude them outright. Are you sure you are covered? Visit our Federal Government Contractors page. 

Alternative Medical Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

We offer many different insurance products and solutions for healthcare professionals including medical malpractice programs. We will focus on you and the safety of your company while you focus on your practice, your facility and your patients. Visit our Healthcare and Medical Malpractice pages to learn more.